WWDC 2017 Summary: Check Apple’s Latest announcement

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The San Jose Convention Center was all packed up to listen to Tim Cook while other Apple execs unveiled Apple’s most powerful Mac along with the Siri speaker and the latest software upgrades for your Apple devices. Let’ s have a look at the announcements.

Apple TV pairs up with Amazon

Apple TV is working with 50 partners which lets you stream your favorite movie or TV series of Netflix. Here’s more to it. Amazon is planning to integrate its Prime Video library too into Apple TVs. The stage has been set for a 4K enabled Apple TV along with a huge library of 4K stuff.

High Sierra macOS

High Sierra, the latest macOS, provides you with every update on your computer. Safari, which is now capable of running 80% faster, is equipped with built-in blocking and smart tracking prevention mechanism. Mail too has got new features that highlight important messages and simultaneously use less memory space on your device. Improved machine learning features in Photos arrange your library automatically by event. The Apple File System now comes with intelligent encryption and crash protection features.

Powerful Mac Devices

The spanking-new iMac Pro combines power with a sleek design thus making it enticing. It has processors up to twenty-two teraflops, up to 128 gigs of memory and 4 terabytes storage. Upgrades to the entire set of iMacs and MacBooks was also introduced by Apple. Now, the all-new iMacs and MacBook Pros start at $1,299. Though the  new iMac Pro costs $5,000.

Apple HomePod

Apple’s new smart speaker, HomePod, is equipped with seven tweeters, powered by an Apple A8 chip. It can play Beats 1 Radio, forecast the weather or operate HomeKit devices. The HomePod will be available from December starting at $350.

Siri Intelligence

Siri has been designed with a wide range of functionalities for you such as task management, bringing up VR codes and banking. Siri’s got more intelligent now: it  is able to learn how you use your device so that it can anticipate your needs better.

AR on iPhone

Like Google and Facebook, Apple is also investing heavily on AR. With the help of computer vision, your iPhone can identify surfaces and add AR objects on top of those. These new capabilities could be used with informational apps or may be something else entirely. But now Apple is the largest AR platform in the world with millions of iPhones and iPads having AR capabilities.

iOS 11

 Apple integrated all new features into its latest iOS software update. Messages have been integrated with apps like Apple Pay which uses a text to pay your bills directly. The App Store has been revamped which organizes all your notifications into a single frame.

AI at Your Wrist

This stunning device automatically displays the most relevant information to you, based on the most frequently used apps. WatchOS 4 comes with new features like inspirational messages to help you better hit and track your goals. But that’s not it. You can even listen to your favorite playlists through your AirPods when you sync them to your Apple Watch.

iPad Pro

The all-new iPad Pro flaunts a 10.5-inch screen. It can easily fit a full-size on-screen keyboard, and according to Apple, it’s the fastest model till now, with a hexacore A10X Fusion. HDR video has also been introduced for the first time on an iPad. Starting at $649, these models come with 64 gigs of memory.
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