WhatsApp Update : Now share any kind of document or file

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The Facebook-owned messenger, WhatsApp has been adding feature upon feature to make the app more appealing. The world’s most popular messaging app has come up with an update that lets you share all types of documents and files including shared media bundling.

Easy File Transfer including ppt, pptx, csv, doc, etc

Now you can open any chat and click on the Attach button to transfer any kind of file. File types including ppt, pptx, csv, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf,  rtf and txt can easily be shared now through WhatsApp. These features were in the testing phase in WhatsApp Beta for Android lately. However the wait for the message recall feature still continues which has been in rumour.

Easier Text Formatting

Beside supporting all file document and file types, the latest update also comes with easier text formatting inside chat. You can now tap and hold in order to select the text to make them bold, italicize or strike-through while typing text in chat window. This feature was previously available to beta users.

WhatsApp Media Bundling

Last month several beta users also received the shared media bundling feature. WhatsApp has introduced a feature which will enable users to share a bunch of pictures as an album, and not one after another. When a user opens an album, all the images shared appear on a single page. This feature was already rolled out to the iPhone users last month itself which is expected to redefine the way of sharing of multiple photos.  However the shared file size has been limited to 100MB.

Revamped Call Screen

The latest WhatsApp update for Android also comes with minor change in the WhatsApp call screen. Now users can swipe up to pick up a call, instead of sideways.

More Features Added..

The latest update also includes features like seeing videos and images inside the gallery by swiping up from the in-app camera.

The latest updates are available for Android and iOS users.

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