Top 5 smartphone apps that are Must Have

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives in the present day. Everything that we could possibly need is on a smartphone, whether it be a calculator, or a camera, or a way to share pictures with your friends, or the news and so on. And for every smartphone, there are apps that complement their functions.

Here is a list of the top 5 must-have apps for modern day smartphone users:


WhatsApp has cemented itself as one of the giants in the messaging platform. It’s ad-free, user-friendly interface, along with its powerful capabilities and bandwidth-friendly service, has made it popular across all platforms. Recently added features include end-to-end encryption, and video/audio calling, free of cost. Anyone with an internet-enabled smartphone must have this app.


We are bad at making secure passwords, and at remembering things. To help with this dilemma, LastPass can be used. With a password manager, the app generates unique, complex passwords. After log in, LastPass also fills in the correct information. LastPass also helps in securely storing your personal details, so you can quickly fill out online. It also lets you create an account with LastPass, and sync passwords between all your devices for free.

Google Drive

Google is one of the biggest names in the technology space, which pretty much ensures that its cloud storage service would be one of the best ones around and rightfully so. Everyone with a Google account has access to a free Drive service with 15 GB of storage, which can be upgraded with the paid plans offered. These plans are also priced pretty competitively, helping customers with lighter wallets. Its mobile app also features the same level of quality, with almost all functionalities available that the desktop version offers.


Ever went shopping, and forgot to bring that one item that you needed? Or went to a meeting, just to forget all the key points mentioned? Fret not, for Evernote is the perfect solution to all your note-taking issues. Its handy interface, along with its powerful syncing capabilities make it one of the strongest apps you could have on your phone. It can also sync all your reminders across all your platforms, and can even take audio notes.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps around, which is mostly because everyone and their aunt has a Facebook account nowadays it seems. Its unique chat head method of segregating multiple chats lets you easily chat with multiple friends, and all this in an easy to use interface.

All these apps prove to be an indispensable part of our modern day lives and are available across all smartphone platforms.

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