The all new Dell’s curved WQHD monitor – UltraSharp

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Professionals and enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to Dell’s UltraSharp (U3818DW) monitor which has also earned quite a reputation lately. The upcoming member of the Dell family would hopefully be right at home along with its peers currently dominating the market.

Dell’s first ever 37.5-inch ultra-wide monitor, the UltraSharp Monitor is one of the most anticipated monitors today. Dell promises the Wide Quad High Definition screen provides an awesome panoramic view which is almost 25% more viewing stuff as compared to a 34-inch Wide Quad High Definition monitor, with a support for high-resolution widescreen video, creating a suitable viewing environment across the enterprise for avid viewers and others who believe in quality viewing experience. Enough reason for having a party!

Dell also makes it possible to manage applications simultaneously between two separate PCs and viewing content by using a single mouse and keyboard. This is all possible because of the built-in full featured KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) feature for toggling between two different PCs in case you have to mange multiple tasks simultaneously. Other technologies include the Picture-in-Picture which can be of wide use for viewers and also the Picture-by-Picture technology which is also of great use.

The all-new Dell UltraSharp comes with integrated dual 9 Watt speakers and for transmitting power it supports a 100 Watt USB Type-C connection. It flaunts a 3840 x 1600 resolution and if you are really a fan of productivity display, this one is for you.

The Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor will hit the markets on 23rd June and you can purchase it only on Dell’s website priced at a hefty $1,499. The company will be joining LG, Asus and Acer with the launch of this new WQHD monitor. This all-new member of the Dell family is worth the money if you want an ultra-wide monitor badly.

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