Security Alert : Creators Update from Microsoft for Windows 10 Users

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  • Microsoft will be sending notifications to users to get their OS updated to the latest version
  • The update won’t be installed forcefully
  • There won’t be any security updates for Windows 10 first version users if not updated now

Windows users have now become quite accustomed to Microsoft’s trend of actively installing the latest updates onto their PCs/laptops. Microsoft has advised all Windows 10 users who are using the first version to update their OS to the latest version for security reasons, though it tried to tone it down a bit lately. But now users have got quite a reason to update their OS as soon as possible as it’s related to their own safety. Microsoft is already planning to send out notifications to Windows 10 users who are using the first version, to help them walk through this transition.

Since the end of service for Windows 10 first version users has come, Microsoft is now recommending them to install the Windows 10 Creators Update for safety. Confused what end of service means? It means that first version Windows 10 users won’t be receiving security patches from now on, which also means users will miss the monthly ‘essential’ updates from Microsoft in the future.

Why Microsoft wants it’s users to update to the latest version?

The latest version comes with the necessary security fixes, thus making laptops and PCs more safe and less vulnerable to spyware or malware threats, with each update.

If you are still using the first version, Microsoft will be sending out notifications to you to get the Creators update installed in your system. The update won’t be installed in your system forcefully but a simple message will be displayed along with a button for installing the Windows 10 Creators Update – the latest ‘feature’ update. Also an additional prompt will alert you in case you wish to review your privacy settings. This prompt can be postponed up to a maximum of five times. Post that a prompt will ask to confirm your privacy settings.

As we have already mentioned Windows 10 first version is at end of service, hence, though your system will continue to work if you keep using this version, unfortunately you won’t get the necessary monthly updates that helps to protect your system from all sorts of malware threats. In order to keep your system secure, you should definitely install the latest feature update.

We are living in an an age where threats are ever evolving. As a result, regular security patch updates have become very much essential now and highly recommended for all types of users.

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