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The Sarahah app is all over the social media sphere. It has already joined the trend over the past week, just like the Prisma app that became popular in quick time. Nobody can guess whether it will remain a hit of be forgotten after few weeks, but as of now you can’t avoid seeing the Sarahah app in your Facebook news feed. It might be surprising to know that the Sarahah app is has hit the internet a few months back and is already a hit in places likes Saudi Arabia and Egypt, according to BBC reports. The logic behind the working of the app is quite simple – you can send messages to each other without revealing your identity. Read on to discover more about this trending app.

How the Sarahah app works?

Now you can easily send messages without letting people know your identity. All you have to do is create a Sarahah profile which can be visited by anyone. Others can view your profile and send anonymous messages without logging in. Pretty cool huh! The messages will remain anonymous by default even if they log in. Users also have the option to tag their identity. The incoming messages are dropped in the inbox on the receivers app; you can choose to reply, delete, flag or favourite those messages so that it becomes easier to find them later on.

A glance at the reviews of Sarahah app

Though the Sarahah app has become popular, yet it’s popularity is polarising. For example it has got 10,302 5-star reviews along with 9,646 1-star reviews on Google Play (at the time of writing). The reason given by the creators is: Sarahah helps people in the process of self-development with constructive feedbacks which are anonymous.

Not for the weak hearted

Now that can be taken into consideration due to the fact that anonymity can make people take action and react in ways which may be hurtful without thinking about the consequences. A fair warning despite those positive reviews on Google Play Store : the Sarahah app may not be for the weak hearted people. There is also a 5-star review which says a large number of hateful comments are also being sent.

Your privacy is in your hands

The developers have already started to work on ways to improve the messaging experience. Privacy features lets you delete your profile from the search results, thus letting you decide with whom you want to share your profile with. You can also deny access to unauthorized users – which means only the people who log in can comment. You also have an option to block senders which lets you keep unwanted senders at bay even if you can’t see the sender’s name. Now, to be fair, it’s look could be made better, but we can say it’s design is serving it’s purpose already, on viewing from a functional perspective.

More such apps

There are few more messaging apps which have gained popularity recently such as Secret, Whisper, and Yik Yak. However, Sarahah is more about and not much about social media. Hence you can’t see anything on visiting their profile unless they make their posts public.

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Sarahah is available for free on iOS and Android.

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