Redmi note 4 smartphone

Redmi Note 4: Is it the best smartphone under 15000 INR?

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Good evening! Evidently, you badly need a smartphone within 15k and the reason you are here is because the all new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is what you have on your mind. Well, not wasting much of your time, let’s get straight to the point. Specifications on the box say this amazing phone has a 5.5inch display, comes in 2/3/4GB RAM variant, encases a powerful 625 octacore snapdragon processor packed with a 13MP rear and 5MP front cam. But, is that it? NO!! Let me tell you my personal experience of having used this phone for about a month.

Redmi note 4 smartphone

Redmi Note 4 Display

5.5-inch display! Not to forget, 5.5 inches of freaking 2.5D curved display! Now, you don’t usually get a curved display at around 10k which is the price of the 2 GB RAM variant! Such a large display and that too a curved one would definitely put a question mark on its pixel density and clarity. Well, this doubt is useless as it is an IPS display with a ppi(pixel per inch) of 401 containing exactly 1080×1920 pixels. In simple words, it’s a full HD LED display. Wow! Now you generally get that on the modern day LED TVs!!

Redmi Note 4 Processor

 Now, now, now, only a decent display might not motivate you to buy this phone! Agreed! But, what if I told you it packs a powerful 2.0GHz octa core snapdragon 625 RAM? Well, trust me, as far as my experience says, this phone processing does not just work great, it flies! Even with the 2GB RAM variant, I haven’t faced any “lags” or “hangs” till date. Now, I am a gaming freak. And this phone claims to have an inbuilt Adreno 506 GPU. But, at times of low battery usage, I have seen slight frame drops in prominent games like Ashphalt airborne, and call of duty. But, that’s when my battery saver mode remains ON. Under decent battery levels, Ashphalt Airborne just feels like it got real!

Did I forget to mention about the battery back up?

Oh! And forgetting to mention, it generally goes into battery saver mode at the end of the day of heavy usage, say around 14 hours latter to its full charge. Needless to say, this amazing battery life is powered by an in-built 4,100maH lithium ion battery.

Heating issues?

Moving on, I have heard many people complaining regarding heating issues. And practically speaking, it does heat up a bit over the expected while charging and while playing games in battery saver mode. Now, there’s a valid excuse for this being the locking of cores in the processor while in battery saver mode. But, as it does not have a fast charging mechanism, heating while charging can be a matter of concern to some excluding me.

Ahh! “Finally the camera”

The rear camera is of 13MP. It has an aperture of f/2.0. And in the camera industry, cameras with lesser apertures are of equal value to gems among stones. Autofocus, face detection, dual LED flash and inbuilt filters actually make your photographs look professional. However, the front cam is a huge setback. Though it also has a f/2.0 aperture, but it’s just of 5MP making it definitely not suitable for low light selfies.


Did I forget to mention the fingerprint scanner and IR sensor? Well, you can unlock the phone with 5 fingers of each hand within a jiffy and click selfies with just your fingertips. You can also change the TV channel and tune the temperature of the AC and can almost be a hero controlling all the remote-driven electronic devices with its extremely responsive IR sensor. Point to be noted; 10k doesn’t pack an IR sensor in any smartphone till date. In the present world of 4G networks, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 packs LTE/VOLTE features for both its dual sim cards.


Oh! But there’s an issue as though the phone comes with a decent internal memory of 16/32/64GB depending on the variant, but the sim slots being hybrid, you can put either a memory card or a secondary sim. Now that’s a huge drawback for people like me who wish to use dual sims as well as keep a large number of songs, videos, and photos.

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Redmi Note 4 Price

2GB RAM + 32GB Storage – 9,999

3GB RAM + 32GB Storage – 10,999

4GB RAM + 64GB Storage – 12,999

You have been waiting for the conclusion, haven’t you?

Overall, this phone has been a value for money encasing an accelerometer, gyro, compass, etc. Hope this detailed review helps you guys in answering your doubts. I wholeheartedly wish this helps you in comparing your requirements out of a smartphone and thus help you invest on the right piece of phone.

Verdict: Redmi Note 4 is the best phone available under 15,000. Go and get it now.

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