Now find what Google knows about you easily with the redesigned Google Privacy Dashboard

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Security and Privacy dashboard to be updated by Google

Google will be updating the security and privacy dashboard soon, the company has announced. The simplified design is expected to let users, including smartphone users, find out what are the personal information that are being shared with the company.

This welcome move from Google is a step forward to it’s commitment to the users when it comes to industry-best transparency. The company’s effort to make it easier for users to find precisely if any of their personal information is being shared, is appreciated by privacy enthusiasts.

Users can navigate the dashboard on their touchscreen-enabled device

Google said that users will also have the option to navigate the dashboard on their touchscreen-enabled device after the redesign. The company also said the redesign is part of a “ground up” update which will be rolled out to the users soon.

The privacy dashboard is home to My Account and My Activity tools

The privacy dashboard, launched in 2009, is home to My Account and My Activity tools, that monitor all activities of a user across Google services, along with every personal information that have been shared with it.

My Account, which includes the Security Checkup feature, easily lets customers to manage their interaction with Google services. They can also revoke access when dealing with third-party services, if they want.

Similarly, My Activity enables users to delete Google searches and other such past activities along with their video playbacks on YouTube, if they want. Regardless, the visibility of all these personal information and activities are limited to the individual users.

Powerful, easy-to-use tools for modifying the privacy preferences

In today’s world, data helps in improving products, tailoring them in order to match people’s interests and keeping them safe, the company said. But these interests are constantly changing, along with the way how people want to shape their Google experience. Which makes it necessary to build powerful, easy-to-use tools that can modify the privacy preferences according to the need.

However the company has been very transparent regarding the kind of information that it tracks. Last year, Google offered an additional 2GB of storage space to the users on Google Drive on reviewing their security settings.

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