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A new tool has been released by the Developer community Stack Overflow which lets developers check if they are receiving fair compensation for their work and time. The new tool named Salary Calculator also helps to estimate the technical skills that are currently offering higher paying jobs.

Calculates a fair salary range for developers

Stack Overflow, a common platform where all the programmers come together from all over the world, mentioned that it’s new salary calculation tool is estimated to make programmers more aware about the latest market trends thus helping them make better choices when it comes to their careers. The online tool gathers information about the developers such as how many years of experience they possess, where do they live, what are their educational qualification, what kind of role they play as a developer, and the technical domain in which they expertise. The online tool then calculates a fair salary range for a developer based on these variables.

An attempt to differentiate itself from the rival communities

This move from Slack Overflow is also an attempt to differentiate itself from the rival communities, However, one has hardly heard of a salary calculator in the industry. It has mentioned that the ads that have been published in it’s jobs section got about 75% more visits after the salary information was mentioned.

Most demanding skills in the present market

In the present market, developers who expertise in the following skills are highly paid: Data scientists, Quality assurance engineers, DevOps, Mobile devs, Web devs, Desktop app devs, Embedded applications/devices devs, DBAs, Sysadmins, Graphic designers and Graphics programmers, Stack Overflow said.

Developers can also help improve the calculator

However the new tool got mixed reactions from the developers around the globe. The top complaint being the limited features coming with the calculator. For instance, at present the Salary Calculator from Stack Overflow provides data only for the developers residing in these five countries: France, Canada, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. However the company has also mentioned that it is exploring new ways for making the calculator more relevant in the rest of the countries as well.

A data scientist at Stack Overflow mentioned in a blog post that they are always committed towards enhancing the granularity and accuracy of this calculator. Developers can also contribute towards improving the calculator by sharing their respective salary with it, which will be used in modelling it further. But the salary information will remain private which will never be shared with employers or appear on the developer’s profile.


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