Launched : Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop

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Lenovo’s “ThinkPad Retro” – the new ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

Lenovo is releasing a retro special edition ThinkPad on the occasion of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the business-minded laptops. It has borrowed most of the design cues from it’s original model. “ThinkPad Retro” – the new ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 initially appeared in a series of blog posts a couple of years ago. It was referred to be a limited edition release during it’s development. In addition to the special Anniversary Edition packaging and branding, it has got lot more attractive features which include a multi-coloured ThinkPad logo, status LEDs and dedicated volume buttons, a standard (non-chiclet) key keyboard having seven rows and the classic blue Enter key.

Hardware & Specifications

The new device from Lenovo is similar to the ThinkPad T470 model when it comes to hardware.

The specifications of “ThinkPad Retro” are:

  • An Intel Core i7-7500U CPU along with 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM.
  • A 14-inch full-HD touchscreen.
  • Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU.
  • It also includes stereo speakers with dual mics, Wi-Fi ac, a Thunderbolt 3 port and Bluetooth 4.2.
  • It has a battery life of 13.9 hours.
  • Weighing around 1.6kg, it is priced at $1,899 (Rs. 1,23,600 approx.)

Features and design touches heading back to 2015

In mid-2015, David Hill, Lenovo’s Chief Design Officer, made extensive efforts for bringing the features along with design touches back in a series of blog posts, which had nearly become extinct over the years. He surveyed whether the features that came with laptops 25 years ago were still preferred by the customers in present times. The conducted a four-part survey which included several questions regarding keyboard layouts, preferred aspect ratios and screen sizes, the TrackPoint’s rubber caps’ shape, backlighting options and also the positioning of the Ctrl and Fn keys on ThinkPads. He received thousands of comments on his posts, which made way for debates about the poor quality of laptops these days.

Continuous innovation with increasing market needs

After two years since then, Lenovo seemed to have abandoned the retro ThinkPad feature in it’s laptops. However the reality is a bit different. Lenovo is bringing those features back in it’s Anniversary Edition 25. Over 130 million units have been sold since the launch of the original ThinkPad 700C on 5th October, 1992. After Lenovo took over the brand from IBM, its has been innovating with new designs and models continuously.

Main features:

  • The Retro ThinkPad comes with a classic ThinkPad logo and a seven-row keyboard.
  • It retains some of the ThinkPad T470 specifications in addition to the latest ones.

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