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How customer service center can improve efficiency of your business

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A customer service center is somewhere a customer can go to with complaints or post-purchase services. Customers who have good experience with the customer service are more likely to return. And since bad experiences travel faster, businesses should concentrate more on curbing it. But apart from good customer reviews, there are many other areas where good customer service can improve the business. A few of the areas are mentioned below:

customer service center

Customer retention

As mentioned before, customers who have good experience with customer care are more likely to return and continue business. An unsatisfied customer is not likely to return back and instead of complaining they would rather tell another 10-15 people about their experience. This not only creates a bad reputation among the people but also takes away the opportunity to improve.

Profit and sales

An old customer has a 70% more chance of buying an item than a new customer. And also likely to spend 33% more on the subsequent purchases than a new customer on their first purchase. Thus, retaining customers is important for increasing the sales and the overall profits.

Impact on the rate of conversion

The customer’s experience with the customer service plays an important role in the buyer’s decision to purchase that item. If the experience is bad enough or not up to the mark, then there is a high probability that the item won’t be sold. The customer care should be cooperative enough to be able to softly nudge a customer to buy that product.

Rise in price

If the customer service of the business is good enough, then the customers will return for further purchases and they would be willing to pay more for the fact that they know they will be able to get support for the product even after the purchase. And if the business is able to instill such a confidence in the customer then they can take steps to gradually increase the price. A slight increase in price won’t necessarily discourage sales.

Having a good support team is essential in maintaining the customer base and to create a good reputation in the market. Unhappy customers will probably take to social media like Twitter or Facebook to vent out their anger, and since 54% of the urban population are online, rest assured, that it is bound to spread fast and will hit hard. So, customer service not only protects the reputation but also helps it to grow.

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