Google launches it’s new mobile OS : Android Oreo

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Android Oreo : Google’s eighth mobile OS build

Google has launched it’s version 8.0 of mobile operating system as Android Oreo following it’s tradition of naming it’s Android upgrades after delectable desserts. The company has also released Android Oreo system images after the announcement of the official name of the eight build of it’s mobile operating system.

Initially available for Android beta program users

The Android 8.0 Oreo OTA update is likely to hit devices in a phased manner. It has already started to roll out and will initially be available for Android beta program users. However, Google will make it available for a wide audience soon. However things aren’t performing as smoothly as expected from Google. According to some initial installers, the OTA update has failed to install, throwing an ‘installation error’.

Android Police has mentioned, mainly Pixel XL users who are running developer preview 4 have faced this issue. In order to fix this issue, Google has even pulled Pixel and Pixel XL OTA updates. Pixel users running Android Nougat have received the update along with Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P users on the beta program. They could easily install them without facing any errors. Google has, however, quickly responded to resolve the issue. According to Android head Dave Burke, it might have been a signing issue fault.

OTA updates are considered to be the safest way for updating as they don’t delete your personal smartphone data whereas factory images erase everything from you device thus giving a fresh start.

Can’t wait? Get Android Oreo system images on the developers’ site

Users can get the Android Oreo system images on the developers’ site for compatible devices: Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Nexus Player, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel C. Before installing, you must ensure that your computer is running an unlocked bootloader and ADB. Your entire data will be deleted during installation of system images; hence create a backup beforehand.

 Main features of Android Oreo

  • The Android Oreo boasts a double boot speed with a longer battery life and an autofill option.
  • The latest update also has a Picture-in-Picture mode feature that allows you to view two apps simultaneously.
  • The new Notification Dots option pops the notification out at a glance on tapping without even opening the app.
  • The Android Instant Apps can teleport directly into new apps from the browser itself without requiring any installation. Cool huh!
  • Android Oreo brings in increased security features with built in Google Play Protect, It also has more secure app install controls.

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