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Launched : Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop

Lenovo’s “ThinkPad Retro” – the new ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Lenovo is releasing a retro special edition ThinkPad on the occasion of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the business-minded laptops. It has borrowed most of the design cues from it’s original model. “ThinkPad Retro” – the new ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 initially appeared in a series of blog […]

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Security Alert : Creators Update from Microsoft for Windows 10 Users

MAIN FEATURES: Microsoft will be sending notifications to users to get their OS updated to the latest version The update won’t be installed forcefully There won’t be any security updates for Windows 10 first version users if not updated now Windows users have now become quite accustomed to Microsoft’s trend of actively installing the latest updates onto […]