Best GPUs to buy in 2017: 5 top GPUs from AMD and Nvidia

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Choosing a graphics card can be bewildering. Here we’ve got some awesome cards from AMD and also from Nvidia. Let’s have a look at these in order of lowest price to highest price hitting those different price points. So we’re starting off with an entry level GPU at the hundred dollar price category.

Beginning with the Rx 460 for just $99 right now; you can also grab this sub $90 making the cost per frame kill it edging out that GTX 1052 GB. After the crimson relive driver updates which have been showing up to 8% FPS increase in performance for team red. Since the launch of Polaris the focus has shifted to improving the hardware utilization. There has already been 29 driver updates which could well be an indication of what’s in store and the newer API is like DirectX 12 and Vulcan.

Moving it along to number 4 this one is again from Team Red AMD – the RX 470. It’ got a swappable detachable fan offering you the flexibility to put in different fan colors to make your setup look cool. With a base price of 180, there is also a rebate for $20 pulling it down to 160. Be it 160 or 180 it’s still the best to go for in this price range. The RX 470 has been little known as all the emphasis has always been on the 480. Though, in comparison to the 460, you can get about 80% performance upgrade, it is behind the RX for ATS  performance only by about 10%. Another thing one should consider that this is applicable to all those of AMD’s lineup is Free sync offering way more flexibility with monitor pricing of Free-sync compared to G-sync displays, requiring Nvidia proprietary modules.

Coming to the next GPU. I would be going with team green with this GPU of the GTX 1060. It’s close to the $200  price range. If I was given a choice between an RX 480 and this one considering the latest upgradations and the latest standards which are emerging after the update of crimson Reliv exhibiting good performance within a class which was close as compared between the 480 and the 1060 which is a 4GB to the 3GB variant and it’s also not worth your money in the large FPS  gaming averages. It’s always preferable to opt for something having a higher video buffer and that’s the 8GB relative to the 480 and the 6GB relative to the 1060. Another important question is for how long you intend to keep the card along with the forecast considering the average game VRAM usage increasing gradually. Nowadays a lot of popular games are between 2GB and 3GB but going beyond 3GB at 1080p in games such as GTA 5 loading those graphics also for 1440p a larger video buffer is required. Considering anti-aliasing texture packs or if you are planning on playing Skyrim you’d definitely require the extra video buffer. Also the deficit of SLI support considering the 1060 might be a reason which inclines the scales towards team red. Keeping in mind those multi-gpu and crossfire setups are more popular now. Also the cost per frame when it comes to scaling and optimizing is always improving. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

Now lets have a look at the R9 fury for $240. Everybody is familiar with it’s performance. It has 4GB of HBM memory but when it comes to performance.. it’s amazing in the range of $240 barring the extra power consumption and a bit of extra noise. This deal is still lovely. The Crimson Reliv drivers which comes with it supports all the software that UI is offering now.

Moving along to number two. For $399, in addition to the 1080p it’s paired with a 144 Hz display and for 1440p’s too good. One can also choose a lot of open air design from board partner cards. And many a times it doesn’t count what kind of pie and custom PCB or higher power phase design and cooling technology the card has.

Finally.. you might have already guessed it – the Nvidia GTX 1080 equipped with 8GB graphics card is up for $600 on Amazon. It’s at the top with higher gaming experience. The 1080p, 1440p will let you experience awesome 4K gaming and with the micron G5X memory you can enjoy graphics never like before.

Do let us know which graphics card you prefer in your PC or if you think a GPU should have made it’s place on this list that was not present by commenting below.

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