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Top 4k TVs: Choose the best 4K LED TV 2017

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The latest technology gave us the possibility to adjust our TV screens to that kind of resolution that we cannot imagine. We all know about 1080p and its amazing scenery and colors, however, have you noticed that in the last few years there was a saying about 4K television? Yes, we are entering the new generation of high-resolution TVs; however, you have to understand which one has the best features that you can use without compromise.

They all differ in the quality of interface, design and HDR content. We present you the best 4k TVs in 2017:

LG OLEDE7 series

best 4k TV

There are two types of OLED and that is 55-inches and 65-inches. If you want to buy TV that won’t take any additional space because of its thinness this is the perfect TV for you. With amazing picture quality, you will understand the true meaning of colors and their appearance will be something that will make your aesthetic even better than it was before. Even though, it is probably too expensive, however, for that kind of money you will be able to enjoy in vivid color and real home theater.

Samsung Q9F QLED

Class Q9F QLED 4K TV

This particular brand was the first one that introduced HDR-compatible screen and since they made various versions that became widely recognized and popular. Today, the Q9F is the example of their amazing technological improvement that contains brightness that is 50% higher than any other similar TV which makes it the brightest TV that is on market, today. The image quality is what makes the Q9F one of the best 4k TVs in 2017 and that is the possibility to see the slightest detail in vivid colors.

Panasonic DX802 range

best 4k tv

Even though it doesn’t contain enough brightness as others from this list, it is still affordable and considered as the best 4k TV in the last few years. There are numerous features that you can use in order to achieve full contrast and TV resolution. You will be able to watch spectacular 4k HDR pictures with great black levels and exceptional finesse. It is made with great design, so it will also make your living space look far better than it was before.

Sony Bravia XE90 series

Sony XE 90 Review

Sony Bravia XE90 comes in a variety of sizes and features. Even though it contains black levels that are similar to previous versions, you will be able to achieve amazing performance and brightness that will give you the ability to understand why 4k TVs are the future of every home. It is made with great design and amazing balance between performance and price, so afterward you will be able to enjoy in its interface that is made in order for everyone to understand how to handle them. In personal experience, you won’t regret if you purchase this particular 4k TV.


It is very difficult to determine which one of these 4k TVs are the best, however, we have tried to give you their features in order for you to understand what are you getting into before you decide to purchase them. HDR is the future, and in few years we can expect that almost every home contains one TV with those features, however, why wouldn’t you choose to purchase immediately.

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